Education projects


26% Donated/€11.000 To Go
Anak Philippines provides under privileged children from slums with a scholarship to finish their education....
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Skills training

12% Donated/€1.050 To Go
Skills training Skills training are short term vocational courses. These courses are suitable for youngsters...
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Training and coaching

37% Donated/€1.250 To Go
Anak Foundation not only provides children with scholarships, but also with additional training such as...
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Street children

41% Donated/€7.000 To Go
Many children in the Philippines live below the poverty line in slums or in the...
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Home of Hope

5% Donated/€1.425 To Go
Home of Hope is an orphanage for children whose parents are (temporarily) unable to care...
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Art from the slums

1% Donated/€495 To Go
Binhi Binhi is a friendly initiative of a group of local Philippine artists. In the...
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