Frequently asked questions

Where does the money go?

Anak foundation strives to donate the full donations directly to education for impoverished children in the Philippines. The children do not receive this money, but tuition fees are directly paid to the schools.

How much money is spent on overhead costs?

Anak foundation strives to limit its overhead costs to a minimum. The overhead costs in the Netherlands are very low as we don’t have an office and we are all volunteers.

In the Philippines are overhead costs are our office and study center for our scholars. Most of our staff in the Philippines work on a voluntary basis. Two staff members receive a small contribution for their work.

Is there a difference between Anak in the Netherlands and in the Philippines?

Stichting Anak Filippijnen is a Dutch organisation. Our main focus is raising funds to support the projects in the Philippines and create awareness.

Stichting Anak Negros Inc. main focus is managing the education projects.

Is an Anak scholarship a gift?

Anak provides scholarships to impoverished children in the Philippines.

This scholarship is mainly a gift, however the scholar has to commit to the programme and is expected to help out in the foundation while studying with Anak. After graduation and when they have found proper jobs, graduates contribute financially to the foundation. In this manner they help to send their peers to school.

Should I make a donation or become a regular sponsor?

Every little bits help to achieve our goals.

However with regular monthly donations sponsors provide a more secure flow of donations so we can actually commit to sending a child through school until graduation.

Do you accept volunteers in Anak Holland and in the Philippines?

Anak Foundation is open to volunteers in Holland and in the Philippines. Before sending volunteers to the Philippines we have a strict screening. We are open to students for research opportunities in Negros, the Philippines.