The Fun Run 4 Anak is a ready-made charity run customised to your school. We provide your school with a complete package to organise a fun run with all materials needed. We provide you with an Anak volunteer who will help you organise this fun run in no time. For more information please contact Jeannine Laurens

Materials for in class

We strongly support awareness about developing countries in class (primary and secondary school). Therefore we do offer educational materials that can be used in class at different levels. Please contact Jeannine Laurens who is currently working as a Geography teacher in Amsterdam.

Fun run

What is a fun run?

A fun run is a run to raise funds for children in the Philippines.
Pupils of your school will run several laps. Beforehand, let them be sponsored per lap. On race day the children will run as many laps as possible in a given time.

The funds that will be raised by the pupils will be used to provide education for underprivileged children in Philippine slums.

What is in the fun run package deal?

– Guide a t / m z to organise the fun run
– Start and Finish banners
– Pawns/flags along the route
– Sponsor lists
– Brochures
– Stamps
– Stamp card
– Pens
– Balloons
– Certificate for each participant
– Short lesson about the Philippines (we can give free and interactive classes about the Philippines for all levels if you like)

How much time to organise a fun run in my school?

Organising a fun run does nothave to take too much time. Anak will take care of the organisation of the run and will provide the school with all necessary materials. With a script from A to Z is the fun run at your school will be great success!

Is the fun run suitable for our school?

A fun run is suitable for all kids at all levels. A sporty activity with a lot of fun! We have organised fun runs for all levels and also for special schools.

How to start a fun run at school?

– Start with a short introduction class about the Philippines
– Kids receive sponsorship lists to take home to family and friends to sponsor. Also some information on Anak Foundation Philippines
– People will fill out sponsor lists
– Dot the route with pawns, depending on the age of the children, for example, a circle in the schoolyard.
-Parents may encourage along the sidelines.
-The children receive a stamp on their stamp card
-After the finish all participants will be honoured and they will receive a certificate with the number of laps on it.

More information

For more information please feel free to contact Jeannine Laurens of 0646068963. 

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