Street children

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Many children in the Philippines live below the poverty line in slums or in the streets. Some live in the streets, others are living in a home or in a slum but spend most of their time in the streets. There are two types of street children. Children who are living in a squatter area, but spend a large part of the day in the street begging or selling products. The other group of children call the street their home. have children whose home is on the street. Anak supports children from slums. Children without a home and without parents are cared for in a home like Home of Hope. Anak supports Home of Hope by sponsoring their annual summer camp and providing scholarships to talented children.

Background of Anak scholars

The Anak scholars all come from squatter areas. The daily struggle for life is characteristic for children form these areas. Most of them have been to elementary school as the tuitions fees are affordable. Secondary education is already a challenge for children from impoverished areas. The youngsters from the slums do not have the opportunity to develop themselves and their talents. Mostly they have to help out at home and augment the household income.

Education offers children a way out of poverty and prospects for a better future. Not only for themselves but also for their entire family and their future family. Anak Philippines focuses on underprivileged children, who are motivated and talented. Anak Philippines gives children the opportunity to use their talents and finish their education.

The children of today are the adults of tomorrow.

and we believe believes these bright and talented youngsters can and will make a difference. For themselves but also for others. By complementing our scholarship package with skills training, courses and coaching our students are well equipped to escape the vicious circle of poverty.