Damloop 2018

Join our team of Anak runners and help to raise funds to support children in the Philippines

On Sunday September 17, 2018 the 45th edition of the famous Damloop will take place. This fantastic 10 mile run starts in the center of Amsterdam and finishes in Zaandam. Along the route supporters will cheer you all the way to the finish. Anak will provide you with an entry ticket. All profits will benefit Filipino children from slums.

On Saturday night September 16, 2017 a 5 mile run will be held by night. A beautifully lit route through Amsterdam for those runners who prefer a shorter distance.

What happens to your donation?

Anak Philippines donates 99% of its donations to education for children in the Philippines. The work we do is done by volunteers in the Netherlands and in the Philippines. The overhead costs are kept to a minimum. In the Netherland we do not have an office and all communication is by email or phone. In this way we can guarantee that your sponsorship money benefits the children in the Philippines.

Your donation enables a brighter future! A college education costs 300 euros a year. Proper education is the key to break the circle of poverty.

Fight poverty through education!

Registration Damloop 10 EM (16 km)

On Sunday, September 17, 2017 the famous Damloop run will be held. The course of 10 English miles (16 km) is a unique course. The start of the run will be in the special Charity area in front of the pack. The finish will be in Zaandam and along the entire route are enthusiastic spectators to encourage you. Along the way, there is sufficient water and food in order to provide the runners of energy. An entry ticket will cost 75 euros. All profits will benefit children in the Philippines.

Raising more funds will be highly appreciated of course. You can raise extra funds through the online platform www.pifworld.com. All donations recruited through Pifworld will be donated to education for underprivileged children in the Philippines.


Registration Damloop 5 EM (8 km)

On Saturday 16 September 2017 the 5 EM by night will be run along a beautifully lit course through the city of Amsterdam. Participants must be at least 14 years of age to join this run.